The Mane Event: 4 Tips to Fabulous Hair

Even before I became a mom, I have always favored hair styles that didn't require an hour to put together. A one-minute pony tail, a messy hair bun or a no-effort hairband—and bam, I'm ready to face the world! 

My self-care philosophy has always been practical: Life is too short to spend much of it in front of a mirror with a curling iron. So how do you get fabulous hair without salon-like effort? The trick to low-maintenance hair styles starts with having healthy hair. 

Here are four hair-care habits to develop in order to maintain a healthy hair:


1. Limit exposing your hair to extreme heat. 

Unless I am headed out to an event wherein styling my hair is necessary, I simply air-dry my hair. It doesn't take a hair expert to know that consistently exposing hair to extreme heat can eventually damage it. Thus, I often limit the number of times I blow dry or use heat-styling devices like flat or curling iron. Signs to heat-damaged hair includes excessive hair breakage, split ends and hair texture that feels dry and lacks luster. To nurse hair strands back to health, take a pause from using heat-styling devices and give your hair regular deep-conditioning treatment. 

2. Invest in good hair products with clean ingredients. 

I cannot stress this enough. Educate yourself on the dangers of toxic ingredients found in many personal-care products. Because there is so much information on the internet today, it can be challenging to filter truth from lies. If you are not sure where to start with your research, check out the Environmental Working Group's website, which offers the latest scientific research and education on healthy living. In general, many experts advise steering clear from harmful ingredients like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, fragrance and dyes. 

When shopping, I tend to select hair products with natural ingredients, and have recently discovered the new Hask Greek Yogurt Collections (available exclusively at Walmart). Hask Greek Yogurt comes in three collections that address specific hair needs. Its Repairing collection is packed with blueberries and acai to restore damaged hair while the Color Protection collection contains cranberry and promegranate to help retain color vibrance.


I picked the Hydrating collection after seeing it contains fig and Greek yogurt as key ingredients. I have heard many benefits of Greek yogurt on moisturizing hair and scalp, so my curiosity was piqued. The best part? Hask Greek Yogurt is free of sulfates, pthhalates, parabens, gluten and drying alcohol, all harmful ingredients commonly found in many hair products. Aside from the fact that the products clean and condition my hair well, I love that the combo doesn't come with an overwhelming fragrance, just a subtle whiff of honey-drizzled yogurt scent. Fragrance is one of the many known allergens so, in general, I stay away from products with overwhelming scent.  

3. Treat yourself to a scalp massage.

I used to shampoo my hair incorrectly. Instead of lathering all over, concentrate on the scalp where oil, dirt and product ingredients tend to build up over time. There's a good reason why hairdressers give you a scalp massage when you are in a salon, it helps to stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin cells on the scalp. On the contrary, the proper way to condition is to do it from mid-shaft toward the ends where the hair is at its driest. 

4. Deep-condition at least once a week.

Honey is known to have nutrients that leave the hair with a glossy shine, which is why I look for this ingredient in my deep-conditioning product. As a budget-conscious mom, I hate spending a fortune in a salon, so I prefer to do my weekly deep conditioning at home. With Hask Greek Yogurt Deep Conditioner packaged in a squeezable packet, I needed to ensure I do it right so I don't waste any little bit of product. 

To do this, I followed the advised of many hair experts to start from the ends and work my way up when conditioning. For added benefits, I wrapped my hair with a shower cap covered by a warm towel, allowing heat to help the hair absorb nutrients faster. I left it on for about 20 minutes. It's amazing how a simple hair care trick like this could make a huge difference in repairing hair and restoring its shine.


Like any other woman, I believe hair is our crowning glory, so it deserves all the care we can give. After all, queenly or not, it is the one crown we wear every single day. What hair care tips and tricks do you have? Which golden rules do you follow when it comes to maintaining a fabulous and healthy hair?

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