Taming the Tangles: 5 Easy Ways to Care for Your Kid's Hair

Every mom who has to take care of her kid's hair knows the story of the beast called Tangles which hides in between the knotted hair strands of an unsuspecting child. For most moms, taming this unruly beast is nothing short of a nightmare. How many times have you desperately tried to untangle your kid's hair while in a mad rush to get them ready for school in the morning? How often have you heard, "Ouch, that hurts!" while trying to comb and style your little one's precious mane? It can be frustrating both for you and your little one who find the hair-care process a rather painful experience.

Thankfully, there are easy ways to tame the tangles. Here are five mommy-tested tricks that have worked for me and my little one:


1. Never let your child sleep with wet or damp hair.

As a mom, I understand the struggles of evening routines with the little one. Our evenings often look like this: school assignment, dinner, bath time, an hour of free time to play or watch TV, brush and floss the teeth, bedtime stories, night-time prayer and goodnight kisses. In between all these, I let the little one's hair air-dry as I try to avoid using heat-styling devices that may potentially dry out her sensitive scalp and hair. 

Hair experts agree: Letting a child sleep with wet hair is never a good idea. This can cause the hair to dry in an unruly and knotty way, leaving you with more "ugh's" and "ouch" as you try to style your little one's hair the following morning.

2. Use conditioners and hair-care products with kid-safe ingredients.

Here's something I've learned: Just because brands label a product as "kid-friendly" doesn't necessarily mean it's "kid-safe." Many products that are supposedly designed for kids still contain harmful ingredients like sulfates, phthalates, dyes and fragrances. As a rule of thumb when shopping, I take the time to read the listed ingredients on the back of hair-care products before deciding to purchase. I believe we have a responsibility to know what we are putting on our bodies, most especially on our kids.


Using products with clean ingredients leave the hair less prone to tangle as it is overall gentler on your kid's scalp and hair. I especially like SoCozy's new Hush Sensitive Collection , designed for kid's sensitive scalp and hair, and available at select Target locations.

The little one loves the built-in brush on the Hush Sensitive 2n1 Soothing Shampoo + Conditioner as she gets to play with it while brushing her hair during bath time. The bristles are ultra-soft but works wonders in helping to increase micro-circulation to the roots of the hair in order to help encourage healthy hair growth. To further protect her scalp, I usually end fun bath time with a quick application of SoCozy Hush Sensitive Scalp Serum Balancing Treatment, which delivers intense moisture to the scalp.

3. For stubborn tangles, use a detangling spray.

Trust me, if you are a mom to a little girl who fancies herself as Rapunzel, a detangling spray is your best friend. I can't tell you the many times it has saved me from completely "losing it" just because there were hair knots too stubborn to untangle on this little one's head! Just a little spritz on tangled areas with SoCozy Hush Sensitive Detangler Ultra-Gentle Leave-In and—viola!—hair is easily managed and combed without the painful tugging and tantrums.


4. When styling, brush from the bottom up.

To minimize hair breakage while combing and styling your kid's hair, brush from the bottom up. Doing this simple trick ensures you get to untangle hair at the bottom first before completely combing it. It is also advisable to use a soft-bristled round brush or wide-toothed comb to make styling easier. 

Unless you stick to easy hair styles like a no-sweat ponytail, styling a kid's hair can be tricky. I often like to put Ariana's hair in either a braid or high bun, so to help make the process easier, I use a lightweight mousse like SoCozy's Hush Sensitive Styling Foam to naturally hold her hair in place.

5. Let your little one sleep on a satin pillowcase.

Yes, there's logic to this. Cotton sheets are rough and can create friction on the hair when sleeping, leaving it more prone to tangles. Instead, let your little one sleep on a soft, satin pillowcase. It' doesn't only help to minimize hair knots as it allows hair strands to simply glide across instead of getting tangled, satin also feels luxurious to the touch which aids in getting a comfortable sleep.

Whichever hair-care routine you create with your little one, remember that it's important to teach them the value of personal grooming early on. Which hair-care trick has worked best for you and your kids in taming the beast called Tangles?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by SoCozy Hush Collection. All opinions are my own.