Perfect Pout: 5 Rules to Long-Wearing Lipstick

With the weather warming up, I am gearing up to get beach-ready. Of course, the best part about living in the Sunshine State is that almost every day is beach-perfect! This weekend is no different, so our plans included a small dose of sun-worshipping at Redington Beach, a more laid-back alternative from the often tourist-packed beaches of Clearwater and St. Pete.

While I try to pack light, I never forget to bring the essentials—SPF 30 sunscreen, UV polarized sunglasses, a floppy beach hat and, of course, a water-proof lipstick. Being under the elements require a lipstick that stays put, so here are at least 5 rules when it comes to long-wearing lipstick.  

LipSense's long-wearing Precious Topaz is neutral with a hint of brown-orange.

LipSense's long-wearing Precious Topaz is neutral with a hint of brown-orange.

1. Find the right color that complements your skin tone.

In general, most people fall into one of the two categories: warm or cool. Those with a warm undertone tend to have a skin complexion with a shade of yellow, golden or olive. The veins on their wrists look more green. In contrast, those with a cool undertone have a fairer skin complexion and veins appear to look more blue in color.

My Asian skin falls under warm, so lip colors in shades of red, brown and orange tend to complement my skin the best. Of the many long-wearing lipstick brands out there, the color I'm obsessed with lately is LipSense's Precious Topaz, which gives a brownish-orange finish.

If you are a beauty addict, chances are, you've already read about or even tried LipSense. The smudge-proof, kiss-proof and water-proof lipstick has more than 70 shades to choose from, so there's always the right shade for your skin tone. Although I have yet to try mixing and blending different colors to create a unique shade, I can see the appeal of this technique as wearing a unique lip color speaks of style and individuality.

The LipSense Squad is a trio of moisturizing lip gloss, lip color and Ooops! Remover.

The LipSense Squad is a trio of moisturizing lip gloss, lip color and Ooops! Remover.

2. Start with a clean lip.

There's no need to overcomplicate lipstick application, but the golden rule is to start the process with healthy and clean lips. Ideally, keep the lip exfoliated so you are not applying on chapped or cracked lips.

LipSense's application sheet advises you to clean your lips with witch hazel first. I honestly haven't tried witch hazel, so I did a little research. According to, witch hazel contains tannins and oils that help to reduce skin inflammation. It also contains antioxidants that help to protect the skin against sunburn—that sounds like the perfect product for any beach-lover!

I have to admit, upon my first application of LipSense, it left a slight stinging sensation on my dry and chapped lips. I have been warned that this could happen as the product tries to exfoliates the lips, so I didn't panic. The temporary stinging sensation is caused by cosmetic-grade ethanol, one of the key ingredients found in this long-wearing lipstick. Ethanol plays an anti-bacterial role to keep the tube applicator clean but it also exfoliates chapped lips. The end result? Lips as smooth as butter.

3. Define your lips with a lipliner.

Some makeup experts recommend skipping the lipliner when putting on long-wearing lipstick, but I find it less messy if I include a lipliner in my process. Starting with a lipliner helps to prevent any potential lipstick smearing. 

Because of its adhesive formulation, LipSense is not one you can simply swipe any stain away with a facial tissue. In fact, I'd run my finger across my lip after application and the color stays put, with no lipstick smear on my finger at all! This is both good and bad. Good because you are assured that the product will stay put even after a cup of Starbucks Unicorn Frap, a filling lunch and a serving of Carribean Way smoothie. Bad because it takes a little bit more effort to remove lipstick stain. 

The great thing about getting a LipSense Trio Squad is that, aside from the lip color and gloss, it includes an Ooops! Remover, which easily takes out the stains on the corners of the lip should you end up with a minor application faux-pas. I use the Ooops! Remover as part of my nightly routine to completely clean my lips of any lip color left.

Beach-bound! Heading to the beach requires packing a water-proof lipstick.

Beach-bound! Heading to the beach requires packing a water-proof lipstick.

4. Don't overdo it.

In my experience, most long-wearing liquid lipstick requires you to add several coats of lip color, but it could sometimes be tempting to add more than needed in the hopes that, the more layers, the longer the color lasts. Instead, two to three coats should be more than enough. This is especially true when applying LipSense since the product's formulation feels sticky, so adding too much layer could feel heavy. Instead, layer slowly and apply the lip color in a single direction. 

5. Finish off with a gloss. 

The real secret to long-wearing lipstick is in the gloss. Applying a lip gloss helps seal the color while moisturizing the lips. Most long-wearing lipstick brands leave the lips dry, which is why finishing off with a hydrating lip gloss is a must. As in the case of LipSense, the moisturizing gloss also accentuates the lip color's pigments, giving your lips a nice shimmer. Among the trio of products included in the squad, the gloss is my favorite! It doesn't have an overwhelming fragrance and glides well upon application. 

Overall, a long-wearing lipstick should last at least up to four hours without the need for re-application. The makers of LipSense claims it could last up to 18 hours! On this particular day in the beach though, the color didn't show any wear even after a good six hours into the day—despite being exposed under the sun, taking several sips of water and enjoying a delightful serving of Espresso ice cream to cool off from the heat. I only had to re-apply the lip gloss twice to keep my lips from getting extremely dry. And that's really the best part about a long-wearing lipstick—you apply it once, you forget about it the rest of the day!   

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by LipSense. All opinions are my own. To purchase your own LipSense or inquire about its latest collections, email LipSense distributor Kyan Wolfe at, join her Facebook Group or send a direct message on Instagram.