Decorating Ideas: Turn Your Bedroom Into a Dreamy Private Space

Your bedroom is your own little slice of heaven. It's your private nook. Your happy place. When renovating or decorating your home, pay extra attention to the smallest detail. Whether it's a rug, pillow or a headboard, add the right elements that speak of your personal interior decorating style. Here are a few ideas on how to turn your bedroom into a space where sweet dreams are made. | PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRIAN JOHNSON


TIP 1: Turn the headboard as the focal point by making it unexpected, like the one above which is made of pieced-together book pages. So simple yet so creativeeven non-bookworms would approve!


TIP 2: Pick a theme. It helps to have a theme to make the interior look cohesive. It's also easier to shop when you have settled on a theme and are able to narrow down your print, color and design choices. For a little girl's room, make it fancy and fabulous like the ballerina-inspired bedroom above. From the print of the comforter to the matching pillows and lovely bedside ballerina statues, the room overall has just the right amount of pink and the right dosage of whimsy.


TIP 3: Pick a gorgeous chandelier to create a sense of hotel-like luxury. You'll be amazed by how a single chandelier can turn an otherwise "blah" room into a "wow" space. 


TIP 4: Decorate with art pieces that truly speak of you. It's safe to say that the owner of this room is a dog-lover, right? Think of artworks that describe you best or tell your story, whether you are a cat person, a farm-loving Southern belle or a lover of modern art. Bottom line, decorate your bedroom with art that makes you happy. It is, after all, your own happy place!

How about you? Did you do any of these things for your own bedroom? Share your thoughts down below.