Urban Chic: Is Loft Living Ideal for You? (Part I)

Nothing says modern lifestyle than loft living. This type of residential living offers a fusion of organic and industrial, cool and clean as well as modern and chic interior design. One look at lofts and you can't help but conjure up images of the sophisticated resident that lives heremost likely a power-suit-wearing professional, perhaps a bachelor whose weekends include social parties or a single lady who takes yearly vacations to the French capital and keeps her cabernet sauvignon closer than her enemies.

But while the idea of open spaces and high ceilings are appealing, not everyone is cut out for loft living. In this part I of our loft living feature, we take a closer look at whether loft living is ideal for you. PHOTOGRAPHY BY REALTOR BRIAN JOHNSON (Interest piqued? Email to set up an appointment to see this new loft in Tampa).


1. You love open spaces and high ceilings.

A signature look of a loft apartment or townhouse is its open space. If you love spaces that flow from one room to the other, you will certainly fit well living in this modern space. That being said, you also need to be creative in filling up empty spaces with the right furniture and decor so rooms look cohesive aesthetically, not dull and bare. When buying furniture, carefully consider height and proportions, especially since lofts often have high ceilings so finding the right statement chandelier, for instance, is a decorating necessity. Keep an eye out on part II of this feature for more photos and loft interior decorating ideas.


2. You are drawn to modern and boxy architecture.

Some do not like a home with a heavy straight-line architecture, especially on the outside because it creates a more warehouse-look exterior, rather than a traditional place of dwelling. Others think loft design lacks the warm curb appeal that you typically get from a Southern-inspired bungalow with a wrap-around porch. But those who love loft living adore its modern, urban concrete designinside or out. 


3. You gravitate toward lots of natural lighting and wide glass windows.

Who doesn't love natural lighting? But those who want loft living takes this preference to a whole new level with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. This design element not only invites more sunshine but also makes the loft more transparent, so those who prefer privacy over natural lighting may be less thrilled about it. Having more glass windows may also be a challenge to control room temperature, so be sure to weigh in all pros and cons of loft living before committing to one.


4. You are inspired by the mix of organic and industrial elements.

Yes, loft design is anything but boring. It's often a fusion of cool elements, like an organic wood staircase with industrial-inspired handle rails. Some may argue loft interior has the artsy-feel of a craft beer gastropub, but lacks the warmth as compared to, say, a rustic farmhouse home. But loft living is chic, modern and sophisticatedand if these qualities best describe you, then your space should reflect your personal aesthetics.


5. Exposed brick walls have a special place in your heart.

Oh yes, who could forget those exposed brick walls? It's nearly impossible to describe a loft without the exposed brick wall, which gives it an industrial appeal. Brick walls make a great backdrop against key home furniture and interior elements, like in the case above, the living room's entertainment center.


6. You love the minimalist look and clean lines.

You can't stand clutter. Instead, you prefer the minimalist lookclean lines, fewer furniture and more black-and-white interior elements to keep the overall design classic but ultra-chic.

If you are already head-over-heels in love with this loft without even seeing the rest of the photo gallery in part II of this feature, ask Brian Johnson for an appointment to visit this new modern property in Tampa. But if you can wait, more coming in our next Home featuremeet us there!