Urban Chic: 6 Loft Decorating Ideas Worth Stealing for Your Own Home (Part II)

Whether you are obsessed with modern loft interior or want only small doses of it, there are ways to add a style statement to your own space. Below are six loft decorating ideas worth stealing to create a modern dwelling that speaks of your own urban style. PHOTOGRAPHY BY REALTOR BRIAN JOHNSON (Email to inquire about this blog's featured loft.)


1. Pick a color scheme.

Because lofts have open spaces, you can see your entire room in one sweep. This makes it all the more important to make sure colors complement from one room to the other. Stay away from hues that visually clash. Sticking to a color scheme not only makes your loft's interior look cohesive, but also makes it overall less cluttered and more pleasing to the eye.   


2. Consider the furniture size and scale.

Given that many of today's lofts are designed with open spaces and high ceilings, it could be a problem to fill all that space. This is why it's very important to properly consider one's furniture size and scale, including your bed. A furniture too small can make the space awkwardly bare and look disproportional. On the flip side, a furniture that's too large in a tiny loft studio may leave you with very little room to walk around.   


3. Find the right chandeliers.

As with any space, chandeliers are an important decorating element. This is even more emphasized in high-ceiling loft townhouses or studios where oversized chandeliers tend to contrast well against high ceilings. The right chandelier can easily be the focal point in a loft space, as in the case above in which the pendant chandeliers serve as a functional accessory in the dining space and kitchen. A good advice is to choose lighting with different heights. Let pendant lights hang low above a kitchen bar counter while oversized chandeliers hang on entry halls or next to a high staircase.


4. Soften the industrial look with cozy rugs.

In an undivided space, rugs help define areas. They also help soften the industrial look of brick walls, exposed tubes as well as masculine aesthetics that many lofts may have. To add contrast, bring in a cozy rug that is large enough for the space so you can easily place furniture pieces on top of it. 


5. Take advantage of brick walls. 

Brick walls make lofts feel urban. When decorating, leverage this design element to your advantage. Think of brick walls as an art gallery wallit's perfect to showcase your collection of personal art pieces which can help tie in the overall design. When adding art pieces, build from the center out. Industrial-inspired brick walls can also serve as the main background for your furniture, so position your furniture purposely.


6. Add curtains or drapes for privacy.

While having massive glass windows is perfect in inviting natural lighting into the loft, it can also pose some privacy issues. One easy fix: add curtains. Again, consider your overall color scheme when shopping for the right curtain and fabric print. The safest route is to choose a plain-colored curtain that matches your color choices for your space.