How To Find the Right Chandelier

If a house is a woman dressing up, chandeliers are her accessories. I'd like to think of chandeliers as a pair of statement earningsthey dangle to serve a purpose. The right chandelier should draw your eye in, frame the area and spotlight where it needs it the most. Finding the right one is a matter of personal taste, like one's personal preference for an interior decor. But there are basic tips to help you find the right one that fits your room well. The hubby/real estate investor and agent Brian Johnsonwho has extensive experience in renovating homesoffers a few helpful ideas:



TIP 1: Start by getting the proper measurement. It's often easy to get carried away by how lovely a chandelier is while browsing through Wayfair's selections or shopping at Pottery Barn or Ethan Allen (ummm...guilty!) that it can be easier to forget whether it will fit your room's dimensions. Before you start shopping for a chandelier, measure your room's height and width. You certainly don't want to overwhelm the area with a chandelier that is too large or pick one that is too high that it will pose the risk of bumping into it each time you stand up or walk around the room.   

Chandeliers by  ethan allen

Chandeliers by ethan allen

TIP 2: Don't be too carried away by what's trendy.  Sure crystal chandeliers may be trendy or rustic Farmhouse illumination may be all the rage (thanks to HGTV's Joanna Gaines' farmhouse-inspired makeovers), but who's to say they will be trendy in three years? Instead, stick to your own aesthetics and pick a chandelier that will truly give a statement that matches your personal style.



TIP 3: Placement is important. In order for a chandelier to be the focal point of a room, place it at the center of the furniture, such as a dining table. It is a common mistake to place the chandelier in the middle of the room without properly considering furniture placement. Also consider the shape of your furniture. As a general rule of thumb, your chandelier should be a third of the furniture's dimension. This means a 20-inch chandelier would fit right on a 60-inch dining table. 

Chandeliers by  Wayfair

Chandeliers by Wayfair

TIP 4: This one's not written in stone. Some homes that have old architecture can sometimes get away with a slightly modern chandelier to give the overall interior a more refreshing look. If you prefer an eccentric home design, you can certainly mix-and-match different styles, including a mismatched chandelier. But a more practical option is to keep your chandelier complementary with the overall interior design so that there's a cohesive theme throughout your home.