Dr. Seuss Party Ideas: Let the Cat Out of the Hat

Oh goodness, it feels like we just threw the little one's 5th birthday party and we're about to throw her another one! Shucks, where did time go? Don't you sometimes wish we all have the super power to freeze time so our little ones remain this adorable five-year-olds who wholeheartedly believe that we are partly unicorns with magical abilities to make "boo-boos" better with a single kiss?

As the little girl and I have been chatting up ideas for her next birthday, I can't help but look back at the yearly birthday parties we've thrown for hermy favorite of which is her 4th Dr. Seuss Birthday Party.  


It was a fitting theme as one of her favorite books is Oh, The Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss. She had the best time on her Dr. Seuss-themed birthday that, to this day, she remembers that party like it was yesterday. 

Every parent knows that throwing a themed birthday party could easily get expensive, but with a little creativity, it shouldn't cost you a fortune. Here are some mommy-tested tips that may help you the next time you plan to throw your child a Dr. Seuss birthday party. 


1. Pick a color scheme. Your party decorations would look more cohesive if you stick to a color combination. For instance, before I settled on a red-white-and-yellow combo, I was considering a pastel color scheme like those of the palette combination of the book Oh, The Places You'll Go! That would have been adorable but I already bought her red polka dot birthday dress months in advance, so I built her party color scheme around that instead.


2. To save on costs of party decorations, be ready to invest some time to do things yourself. Although it requires a little bit of time and sweat, I promise you decorating for a party is a fun project. You may even turn it into another bonding moment by enlisting your little one to help. For instance, the little one was extremely excited to help glue boxes that I wrapped with gift wrappers and turned into a cake stand.


3. Be a smart shopper and shop in the Dollar Store. Believe it or not, the Dollar Store can be a treasure trove of birthday finds, you just need to let your imagination do the work. For instance, instead of buying a Dr. Seuss party banner at Party City, I opted to buy a $1 Dr. Seuss shape cards which I glued on a polka dot $1 ribbon to turn into a mantle banner. I also created accordion fans using colored papers and used them as accents on a piece of wrapped styrofoam. Cut-out an oversized number four in the middle and violaI had an attention-grabbing birthday party decor for less than $5 in total!


4. Always have fun birthday prizes and games. For this party, we played "Pin the Cat's Hat" and "Punch for a Prize." The props were fairly easy to make for both games. I simply drew the Cat in the Hat on a large poster and cut out at least five red hats which little guests took turns to pin while blindfolded. The "Punch for a Prize" required that I drop a ticket with corresponding prize numbers in colored cups which I wrapped with a tissue wrapping paper. I then asked the birthday girl and her guests to play along and pick a task, such as "sing your favorite song" or "bust a dance move" before they were allowed to punch and claim a prize. It was a riot to see what little ones would do for a promise of a bag full of sweets!

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How about you? What fun birthday party themes have you thrown for your little munchkin? Let us know in the comment box below.