A Love Letter: Learn the Rituals of Gratitude

Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.
— Maya Angelou

With an open heart, learn to say thank youthank you for the gift of a new day, for the warm bed, morning hugs and the ray of sunshine that peeks through the morning windows, reminding us of the opportunities that await in the outside world.

Thank you for the sand that tickle our soles as we take in the beautiful sunsets by the beach. Or the good health that has allowed us to play and frolic in the rain. 

Life may sometimes be cruelpulling us down with painful surprises of lost loves or sudden goodbyesbut if there is one lesson to learn: Gratitude is unconditional. So even in our seemingly darkest hours, let us not give in to the temptation to feel bitter and ungrateful, for everything we have in this life are temporary and borrowed.

Let us say thank you for the adversities in life. Without those, we can never measure our strength. Without life's occasional trials, we can never uncover hope, which is why we remain grateful even in the darkest days. 

Gratitude Apothecary Jar,  The Paper store

Gratitude Apothecary Jar, The Paper store

How can you learn the rituals of gratitude, you may ask? Each day, before you retire to bed next to your favorite Bee pillow, take the time to write one thing you are grateful for and drop it in our Gratitude Jar. May we fill our Gratitude Jar because our hearts are often too small to carry all the joys of life's wonderful blessings.     

Yes, amidst life's daily grind, take the time to pause and search your heart: What have you been thankful for today?