Love Letter: Let Your Heart Grieve

So I tell you, when your heart is broken—whether by a loss of a loved one or a betrayal of someone you care—find the courage to let your heart grieve so you may learn to accept. Numbing the pain is the coward’s way.

From an anatomical standpoint, the heart is one powerful machine. It is considered the strongest muscle in the body, capable of pumping blood into the veins critical for survival. And yet, despite its power and strength, it is the frailest of them all. Why else does it easily break by the death of a loved one, betrayal or broken friendships?

When your heart is broken, do not be scared to grieve, for only when you go through the process of disbelief, denial and pain can you get through the most important part of healing: acceptance. Without acceptance, you can never have the courage to move on. 

So how do you move on when the pain is tremendous, as if it is choking you with every breath you take? Mommy's advice is simple: Do what is necessary to free yourself from the gripping pain. If it's a lost love or broken friendship, cut any cudgels that may have imprisoned your heart and sanity. Throw away old photos, love letters and bury the memories. If it's the sudden death of a loved one, wail like a mourning orphan, until your eyes are completely dried of tears.

The hardest part about grief from the loss of someone close to our heart is that, despite knowing that life is temporary, we continue to cling on even to the smallest hope of mortality. But when you are older to grasp the deep meaning of life, you'll learn fast that this world is simply a transient hubnothing more than a necessary stop-over to your final destination.

So I tell you, when your heart is brokenwhether by a loss of a loved one or a betrayal of someone you carefind the courage to let your heart grieve so you may learn to accept. Numbing the pain is the coward's way.

Then, when the heart is finally able to let go and move on, cleanse it of its burden. The heart may be at times frail, but a shattered heart is stronger once healed, for it knows what it is capable of and the amount of pain it can withstand.

Love Letter: 10 Ways You Stole Our Hearts

Ariana at six months old.

Ariana at six months old.

The heart patrol is on a haunt for a little heart thief named Ariana. It's no secret, the moment Daddy and I first laid eyes on you, you stole our hearts. Here are at least 10 ways you've landed in our "Most Wanted" list:

1. You flashed your then-toothless smiles. Yes, those days are still fresh on my mind, and it couldn't get anymore adorable than that!

2. You boss Daddy aroundin the cutest possible way. Remember how you, like a #GirlBoss, tells him you're closely watching (with two fingers pointed at him)? Or do you recall how you would send him gibberish texts each time you were mad, like that time when he took the liberty to throw a favorite toy away? 

3. You giggle with every tickle. Playtime involves wrestling with Daddy and tickles with Mommy. The sound of your giggle is contagious, it makes Mommy's heart skip a beat.

4. You turn car drives into a mini concert. Car rides are never boring with you. You demand that we turn the volume up when songs you love (Alicia Key's "This Girl is on Fire" is still on replay in my head). What's most adorable is that you don't hold back even when you had to adorably make up most of the words!

5. You break into a dance while Snap-chatting. They say if you don't know how to Snapchat, you are too old. How adorable that you had to teach Daddy how Snapchat works, and never break out of character when recording short videos for Mommy to enjoy!

6. You throw "Drama like a Southern Mama." Oh yes, you do! Need I say more?

7. You try really, really try hard to speak Cebuano. It melts Mommy's heart that you even try, asking me before you go to bed "Mommy, palihug, tubig (please, water)" in your best American-Cebuano accent.

8. You've got style. When it comes to style, you are fearless. You always tell me you want to look "fabulous" (your words, not mine) so I let you explore your creativity as you stack up with jewelry that do not match and colors that clash. I take pride that you are learning independenceeven at times when I feel the need to wear a sign: "Please don't judge me, she dressed herself up!"

9. You have better negotiating skills than a diplomat. You've proven this time and time again. You are capable to getting out of trouble with your charm. You somehow manages to trick Daddy into giving you "one last chocolate" after the supposedly last one, or to let you stay up for another minute even after you are past your bedtime.

10. You believe fairies, unicorns and mermaids are real. Sure you complain that Santa never gets you the right gifts (maybe because Santa is cheap), but you believe that unicorns, fairies and mermaids existand they all live somewhere near confetti-sprinkled rainbow!