Life Lessons: Let's Talk About Our Body

BE OUR GUEST WRITER! We invite you to write for The Gospel of Beauty and share your beautiful musings to our inspired readers by connecting with us at Here, Thao Nguyen, editor-in-chief of, takes an honest look at double-chins and muffin tops, and how the idea of body perfection is making us love ourselves less.   


When I look in the mirror, I know my body wouldn’t be considered “perfect” by societal standards. I have small boobs and thick thighs (every pair of jeans I own has a hole at the inner thigh), but it has never got to the point it bothered me nor made me want to hide parts of myself. In fact, I can say with confidence that body image has never really been a struggle for me.

Which is why, when a random woman came up to me in the locker room at the gym while I was standing in my sports bra and yoga pants, placed her hand on my stomach and asked if I was pregnant, I was initially more concerned about the fact that a stranger touched my bare stomach than that I apparently looked pregnant. However, I guess her words did get to me in some way.

That night, I found myself in front of my full-length mirror scrutinizing my body. I normally check myself for moles (I’m a hypochondriac and melanoma is my biggest fear), but on that day, I focused more on my shape and imperfections. I saw my muffin top, the double chin that shows up when I smile, and for the first time, inklings of doubt about my body began to creep in.


For the rest of the week, I went ham at the gym. I ran faster, lifted heavier weights, did more reps. And every night, I would check in front of the mirror for signs of change. But the only thing that had really changed was my mind. Thankfully, it only took a few days of eating less than I usually do to become angry at myself. This wasn’t me being hungry, it was disappointment. I couldn’t believe a 10-second interaction had pushed me toward being obsessed with how I looked. I quickly realized my body was damn fine the way it was. Just like all of yours are! Because it’s truly all in how you look at yourself.

Five simple words (“You have a little baby?”) had managed to completely curtail my view of myself in a short period. This goes to show how powerful words are. If we take to heart the words of others and the images imposed upon us in all the forms of media we have access to, chances are, our self-image is going to suffer from time to time. Make it a point to be kinder to yourself and be more careful with your choice of words.

I used to make the mistake of making offhand comments about bodies all the time, never truly believing what I was saying. “Oh, her body is perfect! I wished I looked like her.” Or “Yowza, that guy is gorgeous, he’d never be interested in someone with thighs like mine!” I didn’t think anyone took what I was saying too seriously, because I wasn’t being serious myself. But when I found my six-year-old sister weighing herself one day, I made a vow to myself to never speak about bodies like that again.


That was four years ago, and she’s more confident than a lot of her classmates are now. When they come to our house for play dates, I hear them make little comments about how they don’t want to eat too much snacks, or how they are worried about their clothing not looking right. Those are things I’ve never heard my sister show concern about. I’m not sure if this is entirely due to the way I and my family changed the way we talked about bodies, but I’m positive it didn’t hurt how she views herself either. This is why it’s important to make the distinction between showing concern when someone is being unhealthy versus making “harmless” comments about someone’s weight. We have to learn to love and accept ourselves, and verbalize that, so that everyone looking up to us can learn to do the same.

Dear Tooth Fairy: I Kept a Treasure for You Under My Pillow


Dear Tooth Fairy,

Whee, how exciting! This Sunday while at church, I lost my first tooth. It was rather unexpected. Well, let me take that back. It was somewhat expected since, the night before, I accidentally got my front tooth loose while trying to open my spy toy with my teeth. Okay, okaylesson learned, never be a hero and use your baby teeth to open toys!

I must admit, at first I was horrified! I ran toward Mommy and Daddy after I realized my front tooth got loose and discovered a teeny-weeny blood on my lipbut then it dawned onto me. This is exactly the moment I've been waiting for! I will be able to soon leave a treasure for you under my pillow.

Thank you for making this otherwise horrific experience of losing my first tooth anything but traumatic. Boy, it sounds like it could easily scar me for life! But the thought of having a Tooth Fairy visit me while I lay asleep and leave me a few dollars so I could buy a toy is rather fun, playful and comforting. So yes, I was brave and was not a bit afraid! In fact, when I lost the tooth at church, it didn't hurt one bit. I was simply chewing a gummy worm andviola! just like that, the tooth fell off! I think Mommy was more horrified than I was!

As you can tell, I was excited to leave a treasure for you under my pillow last night. Thank you for the $2 you leftI was super pumped to have earned this money so I can add it to my toy allowance. Is that the going rate for a baby tooth, by the way? I heard my classmate Gabriella got $5 per tooth, maybe you could raise your tooth rate next time. (LOL!) I hope you were pleased with my treasure. I try to always floss and brush my teeth well before going to bed so every tooth I leave you will be sparkling clean. 

By the way, I visited the dentist today and, like #theboss, I was calm, cool and collected like it's another day in the play area. She even said I was her best patient of the day! Whoa! And oh, she also told me I might have another treasure for you in a few more weeks as I'm ready to lose another one of my baby teeth soon. Hmmm...guess you'll be visiting me more often now! And while you are sneaking into my room to get my treasure and leave me my payment in return, can you perhaps also leave me a little sprinkle of your pixie dust? 


Love and Kisses,



Love Letter: Cheers to New Beginnings!

This year, be unafraid to explore your own Neverlanda place where every kid-at-heart remains child-like and where creative moments are sparked with magical plays. Learn to share and don't horde the pixie dusts. Instead, throw them around like gold confetti on New Year's Eve so everyone can see you sparkle more each day. 

Glorious sunset at Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Glorious sunset at Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Bask in the warm sunsets and savor every kiss the sun leaves on the lips of the distant horizon. It's the simple, little things we often take for granted that matter most in life. As you watch more sunsets unfold, be constantly reminded of what they stand for: hope and new beginnings. Every sunset is nature's reset button. It's Father Time's way of saying: "Now, now, worry not, my child. Forget today's pains, disappointments or regrets. Tomorrow is another day. Take advantage of a new chance to undo mistakes or get closer to your dreams."


Be as fearless as the red-haired mermaid in your fairytale book. Explore the deepest seas by carving your own path of adventure. We, as parents, can only give you a simple map and train you the basics of survival, but ultimately, your journey is your own. Do not simply follow the crowd, take the unbeaten path and discover new adventures. When the path seems dark, clear out the bushes and carve your own. You are raised with a heart for wanderlustset your soul free and bravely swim deep on to your own magical realm.


Spread more sunshine with your laughter. You are most beautiful when you are filled with joy. Never give anyone the power to undermine your inner glow. You are beautiful, even when mean-spirited people say you are not good enough. Instead, count your blessings. When your heart is filled with gratitude, you'll begin to see the magical moments that escape those with tainted hearts that only you, with all your innocence, are blessed to have.


Finally, chase the passions that set your soul on fire. Dance when your feet moves to the beat. Sing when the melody calls your name. The universe has a unique place for you, you simply have to listen to her voice. And when you finally discover your calling, ride off on a unicorn toward the end of the rainbow. In that special place, happiness awaits.