Wild Side

It takes a brave mommy-and-daughter duo to pull off a twinning look of animal prints. After all, wildlife spots are not easy to wear, especially since this choice of prints can quickly go from classy-to-scary in one quick fashion faux pas. But there are ways to make the look edgyas long as you keep it classy.

TIP 1: Whether it's a leopard-print dress or a boho-inspired vest, wear animal prints with confidence. Nothing makes a lady feel elegant than confidence itself, so be bold when you step out into the world. It's your birthright, proclaim it: "I am woman. Hear me roar!"

TIP 2: Tone down the wild print with something neutral, like a pair of black stilettos or a nude pair of flats. It's very difficult to pull off a head-to-toe animal print style without looking like a female counterpart of Tarzan lost in an urban jungle. 

Ariana's Style:  H&M Vest, Carter's Corduroy Pants, H&M Flat Shoes with Bow Detail

Ariana's Style: H&M Vest, Carter's Corduroy Pants, H&M Flat Shoes with Bow Detail

TIP 3: An exception to tip #2 is if you are an adorable five-year-oldso yeah, be extra playful! Cheetah is one of Ariana's favorite animals (next to unicorns, she says), so she's all about wearing animal prints from vest down to her adorable ballet flats.

TIP 4: Pare down the accessories. It's often difficult to self-edit when dressing up, but that's exactly what you need to do with animal prints. Don't overdo with chunky accessories and oversized purses. Instead, keep everything else simple to keep the look minimal and allow the print to speak your style.

How about you? How do you like to wear your spots and stripes? Let's chat, leave us some style ideas in the comment box.

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