Styled by Trendage: A Fashion App for the Style-Savvy

If you are old enough to remember Clueless, a classic teen cult movie in the '90s starring the adorable Alicia Silverstone, then you know Cher Horowitz and her drool-worthy revolving closet. Goodness, I can still recall how my knees turned weak at the sight of Cher's collection of high-fashion ensemble! 

Yes, I would be lying if I say adulthood has turned me sensible and that a revolving closet is no longer on my wish list, but truth is, this mama would give up precious nap time for a brief access to Cher's closet so I could elevate my sartorial game! 

In this day and age, the next best thing to a revolving closet is an app that serves as your digital stylist on speed dial. While tinkering on my phone for style apps that could help alert me on the latest fashion releases on the racks as well as highly sought-after markdowns, I happen to discover Styled by Trendage.

Need a revolving closet? Styled by Trendage allows you to virtually try the latest finds on the racks.   

Need a revolving closet? Styled by Trendage allows you to virtually try the latest finds on the racks.   

And what do you know? The iOS-compatible app was actually created with Cher's revolving closet in mind. Universe alignment, anyone? This means after creating a digital avatar of myself, I was able to virtually try on a revolving collection of clothes available in stores like Nordstrom, Little Black Dress and David's Bridal. 

More than anything, I'm a window-shopper, so I enjoy the concept of virtual shopping and the surprise of not knowing what dress awaits with every swipe. After spending some time testing out the app, here are a few highlights of the things I love and the things I wish it has.  

What I Love:

I love that I am able  to take a selfie and customize my hair style and body measurements.

The app gave me the option to either take a new selfie or select from my photo library. I then was able to select different hairstyles and body shapes as well as add my height and weight information. I appreciate these customization features because I am able to see the looks on my own size and silhouette, as opposed on models.

I love that the clothes shown are completely shopper-friendly.

As if it's not fun enough to tap on the screen and see how clothes may fit virtually on me, it's even more exciting to know that all in-season looks are actually available for purchase online. By clicking on "Details," a thumbnail that shows the price and store location pops up. Clicking on "Visit Website" redirects to the store's online product page for easy purchase.

I love that I am able to earn discounts with every new looks I discover.

Each time I search for more looks, I was rewarded with unlocked discount codes that I can use to shop in some of my favorite shops, such as Bath & Bodyworks and Target.

Styled by Trendage allows you to customize your body weight, height and hair styles.

Styled by Trendage allows you to customize your body weight, height and hair styles.

What I Wish It Has:

I wish it has better photo editing and touch-screen features.

While customization is a plus, I wish the app creates better avatars. Even after customizing my height and weight, the proportions didn't seem to look right. I've played with a similar style app in the past that gave me the option to resize hair styles by touching on the screen. Unfortunately, this app doesn't allow me to do that. In my opinion, having this feature will not only make it easier to fit the right hair style on to one's avatar, it would also ensure that proportions are conveniently customized.

I wish it offers a personalized survey so it can customize my style preferences.

Although I love the idea of being surprised with every tap, I do think having the option to fill out a survey that helps to narrow down ensembles based on my personal style will make the experience better and increases the likelihood of me actually purchasing an apparel online. 

I wish it has an option to mix and match fashion pieces.

Part of why I enjoy virtual shopping is the opportunity to mix and match clothes and accessories with a flick of a finger, making styling a painless experience. A mix-and-match feature will certainly be a game-changer as it would allow users to create personal looks and turn runway-fresh finds into street-wear style.

Have you ever used an app to help you find the latest on-the-rack styles? Let's exchange some style tips on the comment box below, fashion sisters!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Styled by Trendage. All opinions are my own.