Hello Kitty Love!

Oh, Hello Kitty, why are you too adorable to resist? It's safe to say the Hello Kitty obsession in our house is one that has been a generational hand-me-down. I have always adored Hello Kitty even when I was Ariana's age, and now that she is old enough to explore her expanding circle of imaginary friends, she has discovered my ageless feline friend after stumbling onto an old Hello Kitty TV series on Netflix. 


So when Ariana wanted to know more about Hello Kitty, it was mommy's cue to do some spy digging. Do you know that Hello Kitty's real name is Kitty White? Meow, isn't that adorable? Although Hello Kitty was created by Sanrio, a Japanese company, our kitty friend is actually British as she was born in the suburbs of London. No wonder she is such a fine and proper lady. 


Hello Kitty has not aged one bit. Who would have guessed she's now 42 years old? That's right, she was born on November 1, 1974 and lives with her parents and twin sister, Mimmy. The fact that she's petite as can be (five apples tall), she could forever pass as anyone's favorite third grader.


In the Sanrio world, Hello Kitty is surrounded by her critter friends, including a squirrel named Rory, and a close childhood friend named Dear Daniel. In Ariana's world, Sparklya doggy purseoften tags along with her when shopping, like when we shopped for her adorable Hello Kitty peplum dress and ballet flats at H&M.

Watch Ariana's Hello Kitty Snapchat VIDEO at  The Gospel of Beauty's Instagram  PAGE.

Watch Ariana's Hello Kitty Snapchat VIDEO at The Gospel of Beauty's Instagram PAGE.

If you want the treasure trove of Hello Kitty finds, your next shopping stop should be at sanrio.com. This online store offers every Hello Kitty collectible you can imagine, such as the Hello Kitty cushion and Iolani x Hello Kitty Mini Tote: Gold Pineapple collection (shown above). Apart from toys and apparel, Kohl's is another place where you may find a few Hello Kitty surprises, including the Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker featured here. Should you be near Orlando, stop by the adorable Hello Kitty Shop at Universal Orlando Resort, which opened just early this year. But if you happen to be the real-deal collector, take a peek at that precious Hello Kitty with heart Swarovski crystal. Purrr, we want one!


Finally, don't just shop, but experience Hello Kitty. For one, we made it a tradition to stop by the Hello Kitty Cafe inside Incheon's International Airport in Seoul, Korea each time we head back home to the Philippines. Ariana's first stopover was when she was barely two years old. If you don't have any international trips planned anytime soon, catch the roving Hello Kitty Cafe when it happens to pop up in your city.